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Andy Sewell
Founder, Audio Ephemera

Shane and the Strategic Street program have oriented me so I have the skills and the awareness to launch and grow my business. As a creative, I can focus on the idea and be overwhelmed by the business strategy. But with Shane’s experience and line up of supportive and committed professionals, I feel confident that my business will succeed.
Join Heinz
Founder, Joyna Heinz Coaching

Shane was able to help me really hone in on the aspects of my business that were pretty weak; marketing and  business planning. I had just started my own business, and though I was having moderate success, there were areas that clearly needed another pair of eyes on it.  With his no-nonsense attitude, Shane comes in with clear and focused ideas that bridge any gaps, giving me a sense of practical points to focus on AND tools to put these elements into action. What I appreciate most about Shane is that he is able to take my lofty idealistic goals, and organize them in a way that I can develop them into a reality. Thank you!!